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Elbow pain is most often caused by overuse. Sports or work activities that require repetitive motions of the hand, wrist or arm can result in inflammation of the elbow's tendons.  The discomfort felt is known as tendonitis. In addition to overuse, pain in the elbow can come from a fracture, arthritis, sprains and bursitis of inflammation of the joint cushions.

Home treatment for sore elbows involves resting, applying heat, completing stretches or wearing a brace.  It is important to seek treatment from a qualified specialist if your elbow is not responding to treatment OR if you have suffered an immediate injury (fracture, break, etc.)

Providers at OSI fellowship trained in orthopedic medicine and available to create a treatment plan that will help you alleviate ongoing elbow pain.  Our team of specialists are there to provide you with the care you need leading up to and following surgery or other treatments outlined by your personalized treatment plan.

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Why Choose OSI?

Our providers at Orthopedic Sports Institute have extensive fellowship training and experience treating the entire spectrum of athletic sports injuries.  Injuries sustained through sports activities are addressed with a unique set of procedures and treatment programs that are tailored to you and designed to get you back to doing what you enjoy most!

Fellowship Trained Orthopedic

Elbow Specialist

Dr. Lee Stowell
Dr. Richard Stowell

A practitioner who has received Fellowship Training has attained the highest possible level in their chosen speciality.  

Dr. Stowell is qualified to attend to all orthopedic conditions. Beyond this, his special interest and dedication to fellowship training in elbow and shoulders means he is one of the best surgeons treating orthopedic conditions that affect the upper body.


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