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Popping or snapping noise when walking or putting weight onto the knee.

Losing strength in your knee or having it "give out" while performing any weight bearing activity.

Reduction in mobility or an inability to bend or turn the knee.

Swelling of the knee joint, or lower leg.

about the knee

Knee pain can develop over time or result from overuse of the knee resulting in osteoarthritis, arthritis and/or Runner's knee.  Pain in the knee can also stem from a injuries sustained during sports activities; injuries that can involve meniscus tears or dislocation of the knee. 

If sports injuries are not treated in time and appropriately, ongoing pain such as arthritis can cause much pain and result in restricted mobility and a lower quality of life. Options to relieve pain and restore activity are still available and can include surgeries such as; partial or full knee replacement, arthroplasty or arthroscopy.  

It's very important to attend to and seek treatment for any knee conditions and/or injuries as soon as possible in order to avoid further damage.

knee procedures & treatments

Why Choose OSI?

Our providers at Orthopedic Sports Institute have extensive fellowship training and experience treating the entire spectrum of athletic sports injuries.  Injuries sustained through sports activities are addressed with a unique set of procedures and treatment programs that are tailored to you and designed to get you back to doing what you enjoy most!

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